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Whether you're looking to celebrate a birthday, engagement, graduation, baby, or the best Tuesday ever, we want to make your occasion special.  


Our goal with celebration cakes is to make a cake that is unique to you.  Something that grabs you by the tasebuds, as well as by sight.  


When it comes to these types of cakes my motto is "the sky's the limit!".  We love the creative license that comes with,  "make me a ____________  cake."  


If you can dream it, we'll make it.   If you have someone special and a vague idea, we'll fill in the blanks.  If you have someone amazing and no idea what to do, we'll make something to make their day!


Each special occasion cake is designed and made to order using the specifications or ideas from the client.  Let us work with you to make something that will WOW your guest of honor and all your party guests!

Whimsical Celebration Cakes

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