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Sometimes a cake isn't what you're looking for.  Or it's too much.  Sometimes a little something else is in order.  


We're happy to create something especially for you.  Be it cupcakes, specialized cookies, chocolate covered oreos or mini key lime cheesecakes with tequila whipped creme.  


Some, but certainly not all, of our cupcake flavors include:


  • Butter bacon cupcakes, maple icing, candied bacon


  • Chocolate chip cookie cupcakes, brown butter icing


  • Chocolate cupcakes, carmel fill, salted caramel icing


  • Chocolate truffle cupcakes, dutch chocolate icing


  • Gingerbread cupcakes, cream cheese icing


  • Lemon zest cupcakes, limoncello icing


  • Nutella swirl cupcakes, chocolate ganache, nutella icing


  • Tiramisu cupcakes, espresso mousse fill, rum icing


  • Vanilla cupcakes, vanilla mouse filling, vanilla bean icing




Please note that all cupcake orders are personalized to the likes of the client.  We would love to work with you to create an amazing dessert to wow your party-goers! 

Cupcakes & Edible Favors

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